Remington RM2599 Maverick Review

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The Remington RM2599 is an inexpensive gas powered pole chainsaw – it has decent power and you can even connect various extensions from other brands. On the other hand, the bar is only 8″ long which isn’t much for a gas machine.

  • Attachment capable
  • Not expensive, enough power
  • Bar could have been longer
  • A few users report minor quality issues
Key specifications:
Remington Pole Saws

Handling and reach

cutting a branch using the Maverick 41BDPS1C983The Remington Maverick comes with all the pros and cons of gas pole pruners – it has enough power and you are not limited by a power cord or battery running time; on the other hand, it requires mixing the gas-oil fuel, a little maintenance and it’s louder and heavier than electric units.

The assembly is easy and will take you only a few minutes. It comes in three parts – the engine part, the saw part (both with a short pole) and an extension pole (about 3″ long), which you can remove and use the tool for pruning branches closer to the ground or for cutting the fallen limbs into pieces.

When used with all the three parts, it becomes about 7 feet long so you’ll be able to reach approximately up to 12 feet, depending on your height. It is nicely balanced, only (as we have already said) also a bit heavier – so you would probably have to take a short break every 15 minutes or so.


And a great plus is the possibility to use addons from other brands – for example brush cutter, blower, edger, cultivator or others.


Maverick is a good tool for its price, just don’t expect the performance of commercial grade units that are twice as expensive. It handles limbs up to 6″ easily, just the blade could have been a little longer to enable cutting even larger branches.

It starts well, without any trouble, just let it warm up a little before cutting – and also don’t hurry and avoid pushing it too hard against the limb, just let its own weight do the job.

A few users reported various minor problems with chain tightening, carburetor, oiling or connectors on the shaft getting too loose – but those complaints did not repeat so it seems they were just a small defect on the actual unit, not a common issue.

Conclusion:  The Remington RM2599 is not expensive, starts easily and has enough power – it would be a good choice if you need a gas powered pole saw and don’t plan to cut branches thicker than 6 or 7 inches. And even better if you would like to use some of the attachments.

Otherwise we would rather recommend you to invest a little more and get the Husqvarna128LDX.

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the chainsaw head      with hedge trimmer extension


  • Weight: 13.2 lbs
  • Length: 8 ft
  • Bar length: 8″
  • Oiling: Automatic
  • Warranty: 2-year limited
  • Includes: 2-cycle oil

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Frequently asked questions:

What kind of fuel is required?

The machine is 2-cycle so a mix of gas and oil (50:1) is required. We recommend using a non-ethanol blended, high octane gas.

Are there any accessories I should buy?

We recommend getting a bar and chain oil for chain lubrication and also a spare chain.

You can also consider getting some attachments to be able to do other task with your machine as well – see above.

Is there any maintenance needed?

Gas powered pole saws require some additional upkeep like cleaning the air filter or adding stabilizer to the fuel for winter storage – please read our guide (it focuses on string trimmers but most of the points apply to chainsaws as well) or refer to the user manual for more info.


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