Silky 179-39 HAYAUCHI 390 Review

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The Silky Hayauchi is our most recommended manual pole saw currently on the market – its main advantages are a great blade, low weight, and extra long reach, about 24 feet! On the other hand, it isn’t cheap.

  • Great blade
  • Extra long reach
  • Lightweight
  • Expensive
Key specifications:
Silky Hayauchi 21-ft, 3-extension

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Handling and reach

really long shaftThe Hayauchi 390 offers the usual advantages of manual pole saws – it’s lightweight and easy to use, doesn’t make any noise and there are no limitations of power tools, either in the form of electric cord, battery running time or fuel. On the other hand, you have to cut everything yourself 🙂

The only assembly required is joining the pole and saw using two provided bolts – make sure to check them from time to time as they might come loose.

The aluminum Hayauchi is probably the best telescopic pole currently on the market – there are 3 extensions that offer a maximum length of 20.7 feet so you’ll be able to reach up to approximately 24 feet, that’s pretty cool!

The pole parts are connected and secured with a double locking system (3 clamps and 3 pop-up pins) and the whole tool is reasonably stable, sturdy and doesn’t wobble much. Extending or collapsing is fairly easy and quick (see the videos), just be careful when maneuvering and don’t be too rough with it (letting it fall to the ground for example) as the sections may bend slightly and won’t fully collapse anymore.


The saw has a long 15-2/5 inch blade and cuts very easily, even when extended a lot – limbs about 6" thick or even more are not a problem. As with any other saw, the key is not forcing it against the limb too much – also, it cuts only when pulled down, so just let its weight and gravity do the job and then push it back up which takes almost no effort. This way it’s easy to use even 20 feet or more above the ground.

Well, no tool is without disadvantage and here it’s the price. Particularly if you need a pole pruner just for occasional use, it’s really high – on the other hand, hiring a professional arborist will cost you even more so this saw will pay for itself really fast.

Conclusion:  If you need a top quality pole saw with a really long reach, Silky Hayauchi would be a perfect candidate – we highly recommend it.

But if that long reach isn’t you main concern, it would be probably unnecessarily expensive for your needs – so take at the Fiskars 14 Foot Pruner for example.

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extra long reach of the HAYAUCHI      the 3 locking clamps


  • Weight: 6.9 lbs
  • Length: 8-20.7 ft
  • Saw length: 15-2/5"
  • Warranty: lifetime limited
  • Includes: blade cover

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Frequently asked questions:

Are there any accessories I should buy?

Many customers also get these two addons – they will help you with certain tasks but as the saw itself, they are not cheap:

Sintung 50 Lopper Head – ratchet-operated lopper for more effective cutting of smaller branches that bounce away from the saw (up to 2").

Hook Accessory – for pulling down branches that get stuck with other limbs (so you don’t have to cut all of them just get that one down) or hanging the saw on a limb

Is there any maintenance needed?

No. Just check out the two bolts holding the blade from time to time as they may come loose.


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