Tabor Tools Pump Pressure Sprayer Review

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The Tabor Tools Sprayer is a decent unit for a small garden or even an indoor use. It’s compact, easy to use or carry and offers a pressure relief valve for safe opening. Unfortunately, users reported some quality issues.

  • Easy to use
  • Compact, easy to carry
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Quality issues
  • Problems with the nozzle adjustment
Key specifications:

Compact Handheld Unit

spraying with the Tabor Tools modelThe tank of the Tabor Tools model holds 1.3 gal which makes it fairly light and compact but at the same time offers enough liquid for any task on a smaller garden. And unlike similar sprayers of this size it comes with a helpful carrying strap.

The tank is a standard sturdy piece, made of a thick plastic. It’s translucent and there are also volume marks on the side so you can tell the amount of remaining liquid easily. Also, the funnel top is fairly wide to allow easy filling and cleaning.

Chemicals You Can Use

According to the manufacturer, this sprayer is compatible with a wide variety chemicals – fertilizers, pesticides, weed killers etc. – and water up to 131° F. Just avoid using caustic or acidic solutions (vinegar!) as they will damage the unit.

Besides the traditional gardening jobs, reviewers mentioned using it on many different tasks as well, for example cleaning a bike, car or a boat (it’s all plastic so there won’t be any problems with corrosion from salt while on sea).

Easy to Pump

Good news is the Tabor Tools sprayer pumps up fast and easily, it takes only a few pumps and then holds the pressure for a decent amount of time.

And there is also a pressure relief valve included to make opening the tank easier, without any danger of chemicals bursting out – very convenient.

Like similar units, this one also comes with an adjustable plastic nozzle. The stream is able able to spray a solid distance, reaching the tree tops – however, several users complained the adjusting mechanism does not work properly.

Mentioned Problems

The majority of reviewers were satisfied with the sprayer, they reported it works well and were also satisfied with the customer service. On the other hand, there were also complaints about the build quality – problems with holding pressure or leaking after first use. That’s why we gave it only a 4-star rating.

Conclusion:  The Tabor Tools Sprayer won’t probably disappoint you – however, there are just better models available on the market. If you need just a simple handheld sprayer, we would recommend you the Chapin 20000 – and our most recommended advanced unit is the Smith Contractor.

Also, the 1.3-gallon tank is too small for medium or larger projects – a quality backpack sprayer would be a better choice there.

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the adjustable nozzle      volume marks


  • Brand: Chapin
  • Pump: handheld
  • PSI: N/A
  • Capacity: 1.3 gal
  • Both right/left handed use: –
  • Weight: 2.6 lbs

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