Chapin 1002 Hand Sprayer Review

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The Chapin 1002 is an advanced hand sprayer – very easy to operate and offers a solid pressure. It enables accurate spraying, unfortunately there is no lock-on function so you have to hold the trigger all the time.

  • Good pressure
  • Easy to use, versatile
  • No lock-on
Key specifications:
Fixing a Chapin #1002 Spray Bottle

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A Decent Compact Sprayer

detail of the trigger on the Chapin 1002Chapin 1002 is one of those advanced bottle sprayers with a little pump on the top. It comes with a 48-ounce reservoir which holds a good amount of liquid but still doesn’t make the unit too bulky.

It’s well designed, ergonomic and very easy to operate – perfect for all the tasks where a larger 1-gallon wand sprayer would be too large and cumbersome. You can use it both outdoors and indoors, for watering plants, cleaning your bicycle or a car, spray chemicals or oil, do a wallpaper job and other tasks.

It comes with a wide opening so you won’t encounter problems with filling or cleaning and the entire sprayer is fairly sturdy. But still, a few users reported they broke a little plastic piece in the pump mechanism, making it useless.

Good Pressure

What the reviewers love the most about this unit? It’s probably the pressure – you get a powerful stream that can get some dirt off the surface or reach a fair distance, very handy when you want to spray overhead.

Just remember not to fill the entire bottle with fluid, you need some space to build the pressure.

Adjustable Nozzle But Without a Lock-On

Like similar models it comes with an nozzle adjustable from a fine mist to coarse stream. Users particularly like that it’s easy to aim and the spraying is really accurate – so when killing weeds for example, you won’t damage any plants nearby.

There is an anti-clog filter present which works pretty well, only some suspensions may cause clogging (according to the reviewers).

A small disadvantage is that this unit doesn’t come with a lock-on so you have to hold the trigger all the time when spraying. However, it is still much more comfortable than the constant squeezing and releasing the trigger on basic sprayer bottles.

Conclusion:  The Chapin 1002 is a decent advanced bottle sprayer, it’s very easy to use and offers a good pressure. But if you don’t need the extra volume, we would rather recommend you the Solo 418 which offers some additional features like a lock-on or tilting nozzle.

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detail of the nozzle      the anti-clog filter


  • Brand: Chapin
  • Pump: handheld
  • PSI: N/A
  • Capacity: 48 oz.
  • Both right/left handed use: –
  • Weight: 8 oz.

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Frequently asked questions:

Is it a food-grade product?

No, it’s designed rather for spraying chemicals, watering etc.

Can I use it to foam a car with soap and water?

You can spray a soap-water mixture and clean your car afterwards – but it will not create the foam effect.

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