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The DEWALT DCST920P1 is a quality cordless weed eater with good power and excellent battery time – perfect for a regular homeowner use or some tougher weeds clearing. But due to its larger size and no edger adjustment it’s not ideal for cleanup or edging tasks.

  • Great battery time
  • Good power
  • Speed modifying, bump feed
  • Small shield
  • No edger adjustment
Key specifications:
  • Edger: no
  • Weight: 8.5 lbs
  • Battery time (according to users): ca 45 minutes
  • (more specifications)

DeWalt Brushless 20 Volt Max String Trimmer Review

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Power and line feed

maintaining your lawn with the help of the DCST920P1Thanks to the brushless motor and quality string the Dewalt DCST920P1 offers a great deal of power. Do not think about it as a replacement of powerful gas machines, but it’s capable of cutting almost anything you can find on a typical lawn or garden – tough weeds, overgrown grass, blackberry vines etc.

Line feeding is maintained by a bump feed – that may seem like a disadvantage compared to the autofeed trimmers; however, it works great and requires only a light tap against the ground. And there are no problems which can be caused by the autofeed sometimes, like getting through the line too quickly.

Battery and speed settings

The battery time is one of the top advantages of this trimmer – most users reported maintaining their yard on a single battery, with working time around 45 minutes and about 1 hour to fully recharge.

And the speed control system also helps to preserve some juice – basically there is a high/low speed switch and you can even fine-tune power using the trigger. So you spend most of your time on the lower setting and turn it up only for the tough parts.

An indicator of remaining energy is also present, plus the battery is interchangeable with other Dewalt 20V tools of course.

Handling and build quality

The quality (as with other Dewalt products) is on a really solid level, the shaft is rigid and doesn’t flex and no parts are moving in place. However, there are a few design issues worth mentioning:

The protective guard is really small – and while that provides a better visibility, the debris is flying everywhere. So be careful (particularly when trying to edge, more on that later) and wear at least long pants, boots and safety glasses.

Only small shield

Also, some users complained about the length of the machine. The weight is okay, it is well balanced and the handle can be moved along the shaft – but it is still too long for shorter people. But on the other hand, it makes it easier to get under bushes and the length is great for tall guys who don’t have to bend over while using it.

Cleanup and edging

The utilization of this Dewalt weed whacker lies more towards medium or heavy-duty tasks – lighter cleanup jobs are definitely possible but there are better tools available for this purpose. The size and weight just make this unit slightly more difficult to control and less accurate.

And edging also isn’t ideal, there is no adjustment or swivel head. With some practice it is certainly possible (see the videos above), but a decent protection wear is necessary due to the small guard.

Conclusion:  Dewalt DCST920P1 is a perfect weed eater for any homeowner looking for a quality machine to take care of regular trimming and getting rid of some tougher vines and dense grass as well – without the typical drawbacks of gas or corded units. It provides a good power and the battery running time is top notch. And if you own some other Dewalt 20V tools, getting this one is a no-brainer.

Or if you would like even more power from a cordless unit, take a look at the Greenworks 21362.

But if you need a more compact unit mainly for cleanup or medium-difficulty jobs (possibly with more frequent edging), we would rather recommend you the Black & Decker LST136W.

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even for more precise trimming around trees      the unit on white background


  • Battery time (according to users): ca 45 minutes
  • Battery power indicator: yes
  • Weight: 8.5 lbs
  • Cutting swath: 13″
  • Line: 0.08 dual line
  • Feeding: bump feed
  • Warranty: 3-year limited
  • Includes: 1 battery, charger, 1 spool (but available as a bare-tool as well)

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Frequently asked questions:

How should I treat the battery to ensure maximum lifetime?

Always store the batteries inside your house in reasonable temperatures – never leave them on direct sun or outdoors during winter! It is also advisable to recharge the battery as soon as it is out of power.

What is included in the package?

The weed eater itself, 1 battery, charger and a spool with line. Or you can get a bare-tool without the battery and charger.

Are there any accessories I should buy?

Users reported the line lasts quite a long time, but getting a spare one still might be a good idea.

Unless you have a larger yard, you won’t probably have to buy a spare battery.

How to change the line?
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Is there any maintenance needed?

No, the motor is an enclosed unit so no maintenance is required. Just ensure a proper care to the battery (see above) and clean the machine from dead grass occasionally.


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