Field King Professional 190328 Review

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The Field King Professional 190328 is our most recommended backpack sprayer – well built, easy to use, comfortable to wear and does not leak. It also offers quality parts, large tank and high 150 PSI.

  • Well built, easy to pump and use
  • Comfortable to wear
  • No leaking
  • Built-in agitator
  • Problematic storage
Key specifications:
Field King Professional BackPack Sprayer Review

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Large Tank, Comfortable Harness

detail of the harnessThe Field King Professional offers a large, 4 gallon tank. The material is translucent and there are also fill markings on the surface so you can easily see the amount of liquid.

The opening is fairly large so filling is easy and you don’t have to worry about spilling. Plus there is a convenient filtration basket to keep larger debris out of the tank.

Many people worry if they’ll be able to carry a tank this large on their back. Fortunately, the harness system si top notch and makes carrying the unit really comfortable, even for a longer time.

Actually, it is the most frequently mentioned point in the user reviews. The padded shoulder straps are well cushioned and easily adjustable for different people – plus there is a waist belt and chest strap.

Also, a nice feature is the built-in carry handle on top of the unit (great for lifting it from the ground) and there is a wand storage as well (snap locks system).

Quality Pump, Viton Seals and Agitator

Now let’s focus on the actual spraying. The internal piston pump is able to generate a high 150 PSI which means you can reach places even 20 feet into the air. The spray is nice and even and thanks to a pressure regulator, you can spray even a continuous 25 PSI (ideal for spraying herbicides).

Inside of the tank – agitator with paddles

Good news is that the parts use Viton seals (top chemical resistance) – and you can change them fairly easily and without any tools.

Pumping is pretty easy and efficient, you can spray even when walking and pumping at the same time and it doesn’t require too many pumps to get the right pressure. Only a few users complained it is a bit noisy. On the other hand, the handle can be used on both sides for left or right-handed use.

Plus there’s one additional cool feature – a built-in agitator. The piston is joined with two paddles so every time you pump, it mixes the tank content. And users like that, one even mentioned he had to manually shake his old sprayer occasionally to prevent the mixture from separating.

4 Different Nozzles

The Field King 190328 presents a decent selection of nozzles, you can select the right one for most of the jobs. And if you want more, it accepts TeeJet nozzles as well. The supplied tips are:

The 4 supplied nozzles

  • adjustable brass nozzle (from stream to fine mist)
  • wide flat fan (red) – for larger areas and lawns
  • narrow flat fan (yellow) – for foliage or confined areas
  • foaming nozzle – ideal for herbicides

Changing the tips is quick and easy (no tools are required) and the wand also features a lockable shut off and in-line filter against clogging (see the picture below).

Almost No Assembly but Difficult to Store

The Field King Professional is mostly assembled right out of the box. You just attach the pump handle using one bolt and you’re set.

Basically, the only disadvantage of this sprayer is the problem with storage. The handle does not fold up and if you want to save space, the only option is to remove the bolt and handle altogether. Also, the wand is stored horizontally on top of the sprayer which takes another space (it is wider than the tank). Vertical position would be more suitable.

Conclusion:  If you want a high quality backpack sprayer with a large tank, look no further. The Field King Professional 190328 makes spraying your garden or lawn so much easier, it’s comfortable to wear, doesn’t leak and offers many useful features. All of that for a good price – we highly recommend it.

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cleaned and ready for next round      wand with lockable shut-off and in-line filter


  • Capacity: 4 gal
  • Both right/left handed use: yes
  • Weight: 12.8 lbs

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Frequently asked questions:

How much does the waist belt adjust? Are the shoulder straps long enough?

The waist belt adjusts up to 50″ and the shoulder straps are long enough as well, even for larger guys.

I received the sprayer and it is wet inside – is it normal?

Yes, that’s just a residue water from a leak test done by the manufacturer. Don’t worry.

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