Fiskars 14 Foot Power-Lever Tree Pruner Review

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The Fiskars Power-Lever Pruner is a solid quality manual pole saw – it’s lightweight, features both a saw blade and a lopper, has a nice reach and is also fairly cheap.

  • Inexpensive
  • Overall quality, solid blade
  • Lightweight
  • only a few minor problems
Key specifications:
Fiskars Power Lever Tree Trimmer / Pruner Review

Note: Some of the videos actually show the older version – however, they are very similar.

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Handling and reach

man uses the lopper and pulley system to cut a branchThe Fiskars 9301 offers the traditional advantages of manual pole saws – it’s lightweight and easy to use (for women or older people as well), doesn’t make any noise and there is no maintenance or limitations of chain saws, either in the form of electric cord, battery running time or fuel. On the other hand, you have to cut everything yourself 🙂 (which also takes more time)

There is almost no assembly required, you just attach the blade (takes just one wing nut) – however, some users there were no instructions in the package. The fiberglass pole is durable and sturdy enough and the telescopic mechanism works also well. It has been improved from the older version, now the locking system is doubled, a lock/release button has been added for more security.

You’ll get 14 feet of length when you fully extend it, so add a few feet depending on your height and that will be the maximum reach of this tool.

When collapsed or half-extended, it works really well. However, as with all pole saws, it gets a bit worse when extended fully – it bends a little and wobbles on smaller branches.


Basically, you have two cutting options – a lopper with a small pulley system for small limbs up to 1″ and the WoodZig blade for larger branches – and both work well. The saw is very sharp and cuts 4 or 5″ limbs easily, just make long strokes to use the entire length of the blade and remember it only cuts when pulled down. You can even adjust the angle of the blade which is quite handy.

And as we can see in the reviews, users like the lopper function as well – it requires only a little force (see the video above) and will cut anything that fits into it. Just one customer mentioned the cord could have been stronger and more resistant to fraying.

Some users also prefer to remove the blade (easy to do) before using the lopper so it becomes easier to operate, particularly in dense branches.

Conclusion:  If you need a cheaper but quality pole saw mainly for occasional use, the 14-feet Power-Lever Extendable Pole Saw & Pruner from Fiskars would be perfect for you – lightweight and with solid reach, we can definitely recommend it.

If that’s not what you are looking for, take a look at our other most recommended pole saws.

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using the WoodZig blade      cutting smaller branches with the lopper


  • Weight: 5.8 lbs
  • Length: 7-14 ft
  • Saw length: 15″
  • Warranty: lifetime limited
  • Includes: both saw and lopper

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Frequently asked questions:

Are there any accessories I should buy?

Mostly none, only if you plan to use it more often, you can get a replacement blade.

Is there any maintenance needed?



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