Best Hand Sprayers and Spray Bottles for 2019 Reviewed

ComparisonSpray bottles and hand sprayers are a perfect alternative whenever a larger handheld or backpack unit would be too cumbersome. You can use them both outdoors and indoors and for a wide variety of tasks.

Here we present you our most recommended models with ratings, prices and reviews:

Solo 418

Solo 418

Our rating: 4.5 stars Very good  

Customer rating: 200+ reviews

Price: Check here:

Best hand sprayer: An advanced unit that is sturdy, very easy to pump and use and offers several useful functions like the lock-on or tilting nozzle.

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DilaBee Spray Bottles

DilaBee Spray Bottles

Our rating: 5 stars Excellent  

Customer rating: 800+ reviews


Best spray bottles: Top rated model on Amazon – they are sturdy and durable, don’t leak and work well. Also you get several useful accessories as a bonus.

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Comparison with other models:

Model Price Our rating   For Capacity Weight
Solo 418 Check here: 4.5 stars 1 liter (34 oz.) N/A
Chapin 1002 $17.99 4.5 stars 48 oz. 8 oz.
DilaBee Spray Bottles 5 stars 16 oz. N/A
Houseables Spray Bottles $11.82 ($3.94 / Count) 4.5 stars 24 oz. N/A

As you can see, you have basically two options when purchasing a hand sprayer:

  • Basic spray bottles: Their biggest advantage is the price. For about 15 bucks you get four of these which makes them pefect for a home use – you can use one for misting plants, one for a cleaning solution, the third one for vinegar and the last one for hair product for example. On the other hand you have to squeeze the trigger every time you want to release some liquid – which makes them really impractical for spraying larger amounts of fluid.
  • Advanced sprayer: These cost considerably more but can be used even for watering or applying solutions on larger areas. They include a small pump so you pressurize the tank first and then get a constant stream just by pressing a trigger – no squeezing and releasing constantly. The best ones also offer some useful adjustments, for example a tilting nozzle so you can easily reach the bottom side of the leaves.


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