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The Houseables Spray Bottles are some of the most popular on Amazon at this moment. They work well, offer a good pressure, sturdiness and durability. Only the nozzle adjustment doesn’t work flawlessly.

  • Works well, good pressure
  • Sturdy, durable
  • Nozzle adjustment a bit finicky
Key specifications:

Sturdy and Durable

translucent spray bottles by HouseablesThe Houseables are classical spray bottles, suitable for a wide variety of tasks – cleaning, cooking, misting or watering plants or even grooming. Let’s take a look if they’re worth the price.

Good news is they’re made of a thick plastic which provides good sturdiness and durability, dropping them on the ground occasionally won’t cause any damage. Nothing like those cheap sprayers from local stores that keep breaking or won’t hold together.

Volume Marks and Strickers

The bottles are translucent so you can see the amount of liquid left and there are also volume marks on the side (see the picture below). The size of the bottle is pretty nice, it is still light enough and easy to grip. Unfortunately, while it can hold up to 24 oz., the scale goes only to 19.

There is also a label on each sprayer and even a check-off grid so you can easily distinguish various liquids and solutions.

Effective Spraying

The spraying itself is a strong suit of the Houseables – users report it works really well, pressing the trigger is smooth and easy so you won’t get any hand cramps. And it also creates a solid pressure – a good amount of liquid is thrown out with each squeeze and the spray distance is also nice.

The seals hold up well and it does not clog. Plus you can even remove the small filter on the inside tube if you’d like to use a thicker liquid. Considering leaking, there were some occasional problems reported but the vast majority of customers were satisfied.

Finicky Nozzle Adjustment

As you can see on one of the photos below, you can select your preferred spray pattern by twisting the nozzle. And while some users like this system, many also complained it’s not ideal – the adjustment goes from mist to stream just too quickly so you don’t have enough control to fine tune the spray. Every time you have to play with the nozzle a bit which can become frustrating.

Conclusion:  While our most recommended basic bottle sprayers are the Dilabees, you won’t make a mistake by getting the Households either – they also work well and are sturdy enough. Plus if you love surprises, go for them – many customers talked about how excited they were when receiving a funny follow-up letter from the manufacturer 🙂

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various spray patterns from mist to stream      the volume marks and check-off grid


  • Brand: Houseables
  • Pump: –
  • PSI: N/A
  • Capacity: 24 oz.
  • Both right/left handed use: –
  • Weight: N/A

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Frequently asked questions:

Are these BPA free and food safe?

Yes, they are.

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