Kindling Cracker Firewood Kindling Splitter Review

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The Kindling Cracker is a simple but very effective tool for making kindling from smaller logs. It can be operated easily and safely by anyone, it’s fast and even enjoyable.

  • Very easy to use
  • Fast, safe
  • Easily portable
  • none
Key specifications:
  • Splitting force: –
  • Operation: manual
  • Max log length: up to 14″ approx.
  • (more specifications)

Kindling Cracker- Firewood Kindling Splitter Review

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Fabulous Tool

the Kindling Cracker on a large piece of woodFor a tool this simple, the Kindling Cracker is not particularly cheap – however, you get a solid piece of quality cast iron, it’s manufactured in Australia, sturdy, well made and durable.

How does it work? You simply place a piece of wood inside the ring, strike it a few times with a small hammer or mallet (3 or 4 lb is enough) and voila, the log is split by the wedge.

And according to the user rating, it’s clear this tool works perfectly! It’s very easy and even fun to use, fast and safe – there is no blade swinging or problems with unstable logs. Just a great invention, probably the best kindling tool you can find.

Thanks to its small size it’s also easily portable and the top ring makes it comfortable to carry.

Not For Larger or Knotty Logs

Just bear in mind the Cracker is fairly compact and has its limitations – avoid logs with knots, hard wood requires a few more hits. The maximum length of the log for an easy split is between 10-14 inches and make sure to use only pieces up to 6" in diameter. You can fit even slightly larger logs into the ring but they can get stuck inside after the split.

Some people also prefer to stabilize it to prevent any wobbling – for example you can bolt or screw it to an oversized log and get it higher at the same time (see the last video above)

Conclusion:  The Kindling Cracker is just what the name implies. A tool for making kindling – and the best one currently available. Super easy to use, fast and safe, we highly recommend it.

But if you need rather a classical log splitter, check out our most recommended models here.

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  • Brand: Kindling Cracker
  • Type: Manual
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • Splitting force: –
  • Max log diameter: 6″
  • Max log length: up to 14″ approx.
  • Cycle time (approx.): depends on user
  • Operation: manual
  • Warranty: 5-year

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Frequently asked questions:

Does it require sharpening?

It doesn’t have to be razor sharp and users reported it works perfectly for a long time without sharpening. However, you can use a metal file to sharpen it.

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