Best Log Splitters for Kindling Reviewed

ComparisonWhile most log splitters are designed for managing medium or larger pieces of wood, there are also some meant for splitting smaller logs into kindling.

Here are our most recommended models – with ratings, prices and reviews:

Kindling Cracker

Kindling Cracker

Our rating: 5 stars Excellent!  

Customer rating: 962 reviews

Price: $59.99

Our most recommended: The best tool for making kindling you can find – safe, easy to use and fast. But not for pieces thicker than 6".

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Logosol Smart-Splitter

Logosol Smart-Splitter

Our rating: 4.5 stars Very good  

Customer rating: 127 reviews

Price: $112.82

For medium logs as well: An interesting concept – besides making kindling it’s also great for splitting small or medium logs. And again, safe and easy to use.

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Of course, you can use an axe – but particularly the Kindling Cracker is safer, more effective and fun to use. And you can also use it indoors very easily, without any fear of damaging something. You just place a piece of wood inside the ring, strike it a few times with a mallet and it’s split.

On the contrary, the Smart-Splitter uses a sliding weight which you raise upward and then thrust down – and when you get used to it, the process becomes pretty fast actually. The only disadvantage is that it requires a large log as a base.


Model Price Our rating   Splitting force For Operation Weight Max log length Cycle time (approx.)
Kindling Cracker $59.99 5.0 stars manual 10 lbs up to 14″ approx. depends on user
Logosol Smart-Splitter $112.82 4.5 stars manual 19.84 lbs depends on user
Quality Craft Foot-Operated Log Splitter 4.0 stars 1.5 tons foot-operated 23 lbs 18″


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