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The Powerstroke PS80519 is a cheaper gas pressure washer for homeowner use, designed as an intermediate step between electric and more powerful (and expensive) gas machines. It offers enough power and it’s easy to use and start.

  • Price
  • Starts easily
  • no detergent tank
  • no extra narrow spray tip
Key specifications:
Power stroke pressure washer

Handling and build quality

a man cleaning a car using the Powerstroke PS80519As we have written in the introduction, the PS80519 is a nice compromise between cheaper and lighter electric pressure washers and powerful gas machines that aren’t limited by a power cord. For a very good price you get a unit with solid weight that is well-balanced, easy to use and maneuver and also doesn’t require to be used in a proximity of an electric outlet. Only it’s a bit loud…

It’s easy to put together, the only build quality problem mentioned by a few users is that the unit lost pressure after less than a year of service and there were problems applying the warranty and dealing with Powestroke customer service.

Power and areas of use

Of course, this model doesn’t stand a chance against 3,000 PSI gas washers – but it offers more than enough power for the most common medium-difficulty cleaning tasks around your yard – windows, vehicles, wooden deck or fence, bricks, siding, concrete patio, sidewalks or driveway, swimming pool; moss, oil stains, mold, rust, paint spots, dust or pollen – you name it.

Included parts

There are three quick connect nozzles to choose from – 25°, 40° and a low pressure soap tip (a 0° or 15° high pressure tip would be also nice) – so you don’t have to worry about damaging your car or windows, just select the right one for the task. On the other hand, there is no soap tank, only siphon tube that you put into a bucket with detergent – it works well, just makes moving the unit a bit more difficult.

It starts easily, mostly on the first pull, only some users experienced problems with the initial starting – there’s a simple solution, just press the trigger on the wand (to relieve the water pressure) and then pull the starting cord, it will start right away.

Conclusion:  If you need a powerful but inexpensive pressure washer to take care of all cleaning jobs around your house, the PS80519 from Powerstroke would be a great choice for you, particularly if you don’t want to mess with electric cord. Easy to use and with solid power, we can definitely recommend it.

However, it simply isn’t strong enough for the most stubborn dirt or cleaning very large areas – so if that’s your case, get for example the 3,100 PSI Simpson Megashot.

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  • Brand: Powerstroke
  • Type: Gas powered
  • Cycles: 4-stroke
  • Pressure hose length: 25 ft
  • PSI: 2,200
  • GPM: 2.0
  • Weight: 55 lbs
  • Cubature: 140cc
  • Spray tip: 3 quick-connect nozzles
  • Warranty: 1-year limited
  • Documentation: Manual

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Frequently asked questions:

What kind of fuel should be used?

Any quality gas will do, just stay away from ethanol! Also, it’s a 4-cycle unit so no mixing with oil is needed.

Can you adjust the pressure?

No, it’s a fixed pressure unit – but the different nozzles enable you to change the power of the spray (narrow beam for stubborn dirt, wide spray for car for example). And you can also vary the distance from tip to the surface to adjust pressure.

Does it come with oil?

Yes, a small bottle with engine oil is included.

Is it able to clean second story siding when standing on the ground?

It has enough power to squirt the water up there, but the pressure gets quite low – so some basic cleaning is possible, but no tough grime.


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