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The Smith Contractor is a premium compact handheld sprayer – more expensive than similar models but offers many useful features like the pressure relief valve for example. Also comes with 5 (!) nozzles and you can choose your preferred capacity.

  • Easy to use, well built
  • Pressure relief valve and Lock-on included
  • 5 nozzles
  • A few users had problems with building and holding pressure
Key specifications:
Smith Contractor sprayer

Premium Sprayer

using the Smith Contractor in a gardenAs we mentioned in the introduction, the Smith Contractor is a premium, commercial-grade sprayer suitable for all kinds of tasks and environments – lawns and gardens, commercial cleaning, sanitizing or even applying harsh chemicals.

The users love it and many said it’s the best sprayer they’ve used. On the other hand, it’s also twice as expensive as some similar models – is it worth it? Let’s find out!

Well Built, Easy to Use

The first point being praised by the customers is its construction – it’s really well designed and put together, all the parts are sturdy and don’t flex.

It’s very easy to use, works great and the durability is also on a solid level. You can find a few reviews that mention breaking a part, but most users were really satisfied.

1, 2 or 3-Gallon Options

The Contractor is a classical compact handheld sprayer, you can choose a 1-gallon version (model 190504), the most popular 2-gallon (190216) or a 3-gallon (190217) which gets probably too heavy for a handheld usage. The thick plastic tube is translucent so you can see the fluid level more easily, only the markings are not particularly easy to see. So we advice to use a black marker to make them more prominent.

It comes in a conical shape and with a wide base – that’s actually a nice design feature, it’s much more stable and does not tip over easily.

An adjustable shoulder strap for comfortable carrying is also present. However, while many users like it, some others claim it’s more of a nuisance and not too helpful.

The pressure relief valve

Easy to Pump

Now let’s shift our focus to the actual spraying. Pumping is quick and easy, the handle large and comfortable and everything goes smoothly.

Several users reported problems with building and holding the pressure, so make sure you read the manufacturer’s advice here.

The sprayer uses Viton seals and gaskets (easy to change without any tools) so you get excellent chemical resistance – just be careful with vinegar as it can cause the pump mechanism to corrugate.

Features To Make Your Job Easier

The hose is long and flexible and the in-line filtration system does a good job, it’s easy to clean and there is no clogging.

When you stop spraying, you just attach the wand to the side of the tank – plus there is a cap at the bottom to catch any drops from the nozzle. Nice idea.

And last but not the least, the Contractor offers 2 great features to make your life easier. First is the lock-on so you don’t have to hold the trigger all the time.

The 5 supplied nozzles

And then the pressure relief valve which is missing on most of the compact sprayers. So before opening the tank you just release the pressure safely and don’t have to worry about chemicals bursting into your face. It also prevents an over-compression by letting the air out when reaching too much pressure.

Both of these features are intuitive and work great – users love them, particularly the relief valve.

5 Nozzles

Most compact sprayers come with just two nozzles – but that is not the case here, you have access to 5 different tips. First there are the poly and brass ones which you can adjust from a fine mist to direct stream with a solid reach. Then you get 2 flat fans, high and low volume for broader or more precise coverage. And finally a foaming nozzle.

Plus it also accepts TeeJet nozzles.

Conclusion:  If you are searching for a quality compact sprayer, look no further. The Smith Contractor is well-built, very easy to use and offer many useful features like the pressure relief valve, a lock-on or 5 different nozzles. We can definitely recommend it.

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detail of the filtration system      tray for catching any drops from the wand


  • Capacity: 1 / 2 / 3 gal
  • Both right/left handed use: –
  • Weight: N/A

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Frequently asked questions:

Which size should I choose?

Most people get the 1 or 2 gallon option, at this moment their prices are quite similar so the 2 gallon size would be probably the best option. You can always fill only a part of it if you don’t need a full, heavier tank. On the other hand, the 3 gallon size gets probably too heavy when full.

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