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The Toro 51618 is an inexpensive electric leaf blower/vacuum – powerful, very easy to use and not heavy, only a metal impeller would be better than a plastic one.

  • Solid power
  • Easy to use, not heavy
  • Inexpensive
  • plastic impeller
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Review Toro Rake and Vac Model 51618

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Electric = Easy to Use and Lightweight

handling the 51618The Toro 51618 Super Leaf Blower/Vac is a slightly less powerful (but also cheaper) version of the popular Toro 51619 – and like its brother it’s very easy to use, lightweight and easy to maneuver. The handles are well-designed and allow many different holding positions, plus the cord lock ensures the cable won’t pull out.

Speaking about the extension cord, that’s the main disadvantage when comparing this unit to cordless or gas powered tools – it limits your reach, you have to unwind it, release whenever it gets stuck around a tree or garden furniture and so on. On the other hand, you get a tool that is a lot cheaper, starts with a push of a button, isn’t loud and doesn’t require mixing fuel or maintenance.

The assembly is quick and easy, you just connect the blower tube and fan guard and you’re ready to go.

Powerful Blower

For an electric unit (and the price level) it offers very good power – the 51618 works great on hard surfaces, removing dust, leaves, grass clippings or cobwebs and can be used even for collecting dry leaves on grass (wet leaves only to some extent and very slowly).

A nice plus are the two additional inserts – they slide into the blowing tube and let you choose between a wider air path or more power for cracks and stubborn leaves.

The cord lock

Also, you can select from two speeds using the trigger – very useful for delicate work around flowers or when you don’t want to blow mulch away with the leaves.

Vacuum and Mulcher Slightly Worse

The vacuum function is considerably weaker than the blower but still does a decent job. Just bear in mind it’s meant rather for vacuuming smaller areas – it is possible to suck up big piles of leaves but you have to proceed slowly and patiently. If you hurry, the tube can clog easily.

Also, it’s equipped with a plastic impeller only, not a metal one.

The leaf bag comes with a shoulder strap for better holding – which is necessary, it gets quite heavy when fully loaded. The mulch ration is pretty good, only some users complained that the bag started to tear after some time.

Conclusion:  If you want an inexpensive leaf blower with vacuum and mulcher and don’t mind dragging a cord, the Toro 51618 would be a great choice for you. Powerful and easy to use, we can definitely recommend it.

Or if you would appreciate a bit more power, check out the Toro 51619.

On the other hand, gas powered blowers are still ahead in this regard – so if you need a heavy duty unit which you can use independently on electric sockets, those are the way to go.

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  • Brand: Toro
  • Type: Electric, corded
  • Air speed: 225 mph (2 speeds)
  • Air volume: 330 CFM blower, 390 CFM vac
  • Vacuum: yes
  • Weight: 7.2 lbs
  • Warranty: 2-year full
  • Amp: 12 Amp

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Frequently asked questions:

Are there any accessories I should buy?

If you don’t have a long extension cord yet, you’re going to need one. The blower is 12 Amp which means for 50 feet you can use a 16/3 safely, but if you need a 100 feet cable, the 14 gauge would be better to prevent overheating.

Is there any maintenance needed?

No, the motor is an enclosed unit so no maintenance is required. Just clean the machine from debris and dirt.


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