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The AR Blue Clean AR118 is a quality light-duty electric pressure washer – lightweight, inexpensive, easy to move around and store and with enough power for easier residential cleaning jobs.

  • Lightweight, compact and portable
  • Good price
  • badly written manual
Key specifications:
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Handling and build quality

a man spraying the pavement using the AR118The AR118 is a typical light duty electric power washer – compact (you can store it easily on a shelf), lightweight, very portable and inexpensive. It’s also quiet and very easy to use, even for seniors or women.

The assembly is also simple and will take you only a few minutes. It’s really well made for that price, just the pressure hose is a little stiff and also the storage area for hose and cord could have been bigger – but if you wind them carefully, they fit (see the photo below).

There seems to be a lot of confusion whether the unit leaks water (as some users reported) or not. Most likely, the main problem lies in the badly written manual and hose connection – the clear part should go into the unit and the blue and black quick connect part to the hose – when tightened properly, there shouldn’t be any leakage. But if you still run into problems, you can try replacing the plastic connector with a Female to female brass one.

Power and areas of use

The unit has enough power for the classical residential cleaning tasks – users report it did an excellent job on windows, car, boat, vinyl or stucco siding, garden furniture, concrete, sidewalks, bricks or fence.

Hose and cord storage

Just don’t expect the power of medium duty or even gas machines, its PSI doesn’t enable tougher jobs and larger areas are a problem as well – you can definitely clean a long driveway or large deck with it but it would take forever.

The spray nozzle is adjustable so you can choose the exact angle and pressure you need, from light spray for delicate surfaces or windows to a powerful beam for stubborn dirt. And it also uses the Total Stop System to engage the pump only when you pull the trigger – which helps to prolong its life. A small detergent tank is also present so you can use a cleaning chemical of your choice.

The pump is water-cooled so do not use hot water. And just a quick note: one user reported the unit started loosing pressure after some time, he checked all parts and realized the filter is dirty – after cleaning all worked fine again.

Conclusion:  If you want an inexpensive pressure washer for lighter jobs and average residential use, the AR118 from AR Blue would be a great choice. It has enough power for these tasks, it’s very easy to use and its compact design makes it lightweight and easy to carry – an ideal choice if you need to clean several different places. We can definitely recommend it.

However, it isn’t strong enough for more frequent applications, tougher jobs or larger areas – medium-duty electric or gas powered tools are the way to go here.

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a wooden deck before and after cleaning      washing a garden chair


  • PSI: 1,500
  • GPM: 1.5
  • Weight: 11.7 lbs
  • Amp: 11 Amp
  • Spray tip: adjustable
  • Warranty: 1 year on machine, 90 days on gun and hose assembly
  • Documentation: Manual

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