Chapin 61900 Backpack Sprayer Review

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The Chapin 61900 backpack sprayer is easy to use and clean, comfortable to wear and offers solid pressure. On the other hand, users reported several quality and construction issues.

  • Easy to use and clean
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Pressure gauge
  • Several quality issues (see below)
Key specifications:

Rittenhouse Chapin 61900 Tree Turf Backpack Sprayer

Note: The pressure regulator inside the tank was removed in 2014.

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Large Tank, Comfortable to Wear

spraying with the Chapin 61900The Chapin 61900 offers a large, 4-gallon translucent poly tank. The opening is large enough (4 inches) so filling is easy and there’s also a filtration basket to prevent any debris from getting in (there are 2 more filters in the unit).

When it’s full, it becomes a bit awkward to put on your back – so if possible, put it on a table first and proceed from there.

But once you have it on your back, the harness makes the sprayer really comfortable to wear. The padded shoulder straps are thick and wide and there is also a waist belt and chest strap. So no back pain even after a longer period of time.

Piston Pump with 60 PSI

The piston pump is able to deliver 60 PSI and users report about 20 feet of reach using the stream on the adjustable nozzle (you are able to spray up to the first storey of your house).

A great advantage over the non-backpack sprayers is that the 61900 is capable of a continuous spray – you can walk, spray and pump at the same time. Unfortunately, it requires fairly frequent pumping.

Good news is that you can attach the handle on either side to be able to pump with either your right or left hand.

A few users described the pumping as uncomfortable (the hand gets tired quickly) – but most liked it and talked about how easy and effortless it is.

3 Different Nozzles + CF Valve

This Chapin sprayer comes with 3 different nozzles to cover most of the jobs – users like particularly the flat fan with a steady continuous spray (used for larger areas). And also the adjustable brass tip for a stream or fine mist (for pesticide treatment).

Pressure gauge

And a control flow valve is also included. It limits the flow to 21 PSI and when the pressure gets below, it shuts it off completely so the chemical does not drip where it’s not supposed to.

The stainless steel wand includes a shut-off and also one more useful feature, the pressure gauge – so you can see the pressure immediately and know if you need to pump some more.

Reported Problems

While the Chapin 61900 works well most of the time, users also reported a fairly high amount of problems they ran into. For example breaking some parts, disconnecting the hose from the tank and spilling the chemicals. A few of them also mentioned the plastic on the threads is too soft and strips out easily.

And while some of the issues have been fixed over the years, it seems that some still remain.

Conclusion:  While the Chapin 61900 is a decent sprayer, comfortable and easy to use, many users also reported some quality issues. So we would rather recommend you our favorite unit – the Field King Professional.

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the shoulder straps, lumbar support and chest strap      The CF valve and adjustable brass tip


  • Brand: Chapin
  • Pump: piston
  • PSI: 60
  • Capacity: 4 gal
  • Both right/left handed use: yes
  • Weight: 12.4 lbs

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Frequently asked questions:

Does it mix the liquid in the tank?

No – if you need a model equipped with an agitator, we would recommend you the Field King Professional.

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