Makita XRU04Z Review

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The Makita XRU04Z is a cordless but (thanks to the brushless motor) powerful weed eater. Also very easy to handle, not heavy at all and compatible with the Makita’s extensive 18V tools collection.

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  • Not heavy, great balance, easy to handle
  • Power, battery
  • Fast recharge
  • Expensive battery and charger
Key specifications:
  • Edger: yes
  • Weight: 8.6 lbs
  • Battery time (according to users): 35-45 minutes
  • (more specifications)

Makita 18V Garden Tools

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Assembly and handling

dealing with an overgrown grassIf you have any experience with similar tools, the assembly is okay, otherwise you’ll probably have to figure out several things by yourself as the manual is not clear enough – but still nothing difficult.

It is surprisingly light for a tool this large and powerful, almost in the range of classical cordless or electric machines. And also the included shoulder strap helps a lot, it balances the tool perfectly as most of the weight lies on your shoulders and you use your hands just to guide it – well done!

The construction seems sturdy enough, made of hefty plastic with metal reinforcements.


The XRU04Z is equipped with a brushless motor – that means you’ll get greater power and torque, longer lifetime and less noise compared to classical trimmers, the only disadvantage is a slightly higher initial cost (if you are interested how this motor works, take a look at this article).

On the other hand, it still can’t be compared to gas powered machines – it cuts nicely even through dense grass, but struggles with wild blackberry bush for example, also the cutting swath is not that large.

A nice feature is the speed dial – you can set any speed between 3000 and 6000 rpm, for instance slowing down for lighter trimming jobs and saving battery. The knob turns smoothly, just the on/off button could be larger to make it easier to press when wearing gloves.

Line feeding and other features

The trimmer uses bump feed to advance the line and users report it works well. There is also a reverse rotation option to clear the head of entangled debris – but you won’t probably use that often.

It can be used as an edger too – don’t expect any sophisticated system like on traditional cordless units, but it certainly helps if you just need to do a little edging here and there. And a metal guard for keeping the right distance from flowers and objects is present as well.

Adjustable speed dial


According to the users, one battery is enough for 35-45 minutes of work which is a solid run time. And a nice bonus is fast recharge – about 45 minutes, so with two batteries it’s more or less possible to create a trimming routine with one battery working, the other recharging – and then switching them and so on.

A slight disadvantage is that there is no power level indicator on the battery – only a light alert on the tool signalizing if the battery is getting depleted.

The XRU04Z is part of the Makita’s extensive 18V cordless system which includes not only garden tools (hedge trimmer, blower, chainsaw etc.) but also various other power tools like drills, grinders or a circular saw. And that’s both a big advantage and a disadvantage as well – because if you don’t need any of these tools, you’ll have to purchase battery and charger just for this trimmer which is quite expensive.

Conclusion:  If you already own some other Makita 18V tools (or plan to buy some) and need a powerful weed eater, getting the Makita XRU04Z is a no-brainer – not heavy, easy to handle and with enough power, it would be a nice expansion to your 18V collection.

But if your don’t plan getting any more machines from this lineup, the price gets really high after you add the battery and charger – so we would rather recommend you for example the Greenworks 21362 or even some gas machine.

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using the edger function      the entire unit with shoulder strap


  • Battery time (according to users): 35-45 minutes
  • Battery power indicator: no
  • Weight: 8.6 lbs
  • Cutting swath: 11-3/4"
  • Line: 1/16″ dual line
  • Feeding: bump feed
  • Warranty: 3 years (batteries 1 year)
  • Includes: line, shoulder strap, goggles, hex wrench

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Frequently asked questions:

How should I treat the battery to ensure maximum lifetime?

Always store the batteries inside your house in reasonable temperatures – never leave them on direct sun or outdoors during winter! Also recharge the battery as soon as it is out of power and don’t leave it in the charger for extended periods of time (after it’s fully charged).

What is included in the package?

The weed eater itself, prewound line, shoulder strap, goggles and two hex wrenches.

Are there any accessories I should buy?

If you do not own any other Makita tools yet, you’ll have to buy the battery and a charger as well.

Is there any maintenance needed?

No, the motor is an enclosed unit so no maintenance is required. Just ensure a proper care to the battery (see above) and clean the machine from dead grass occasionally.


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