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The My 4 Sons M4 is a decent battery powered 12 volt sprayer – slightly heavier but also with a lot of power. Most reviewers on Amazon are really satisfied with it, however there are also some who questioned its durability.

  • Very good pressure
  • Battery powered – no pumping required
  • Optional addons
  • Uncertain durability
  • Heavier
Key specifications:
#1 Rated MY 4 SONS M4 Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer Instructions

And you can see it in action here (with the optional extended hose).

Great Ratings But Questioned Durability

the M4 backpack sprayerThe My 4 Sons M4 is a classic 4-gallon sprayer, with a large opening to prevent any spilling. It is currently one of the best-rated models on Amazon – most users love it and report how well made and simple to use it is. Unfortunately, most of the reviews lack any depth or details which diminish their credibility a bit.

And on the other hand, the most in-depth review questions the M4’s durability stating that after 8 months and about 12 tanks sprayed out the pump started to fail.

Optional Attachments

A slight disadvantage of this unit is it’s weight – some customers mentioned it is quite heavy even without the water. Also, the shoulder straps are a bit too short for larger guys. However, you can purchase an optional hose extension or even a rolling cart so you don’t have to carry the sprayer on your back all the time.

The hose extension seems like a nice idea, you can spray comfortably even when high on a ladder, without any weight on your back (see a video here). On the other hand, users reported the rolling cart is usable only on a flat terrain and the attachment of the sprayer is fairly weak.

Very Good Pressure

One of the top advantages of the M4 is probably its power. The pump is able to deliver 60 PSI and users report reaching a vertical range of about 20 feet – being able to use it even on taller trees. Plus you can adjust the pressure using a dial.

The on/off switch, pressure dial and charger plug

It comes with a 12V 8Ah battery which lasts a decent amount of time, the manufacturer claims about 200 gallons of sprayed liquid (or about 30-40 minutes non-stop according to one reviewer).

Wands and Nozzles

The M4 is equipped with a plastic wand for acids and also an adjustable steel wand. A nice plus is the inclusion of a lock-on – meaning you don’t have to press the trigger all the time.

There are several nozzles in the package including a flat jet or fine mist – however, one user mentioned that only the brass adjustable works well, the others are prone to cracking.

Conclusion:  If you’d like to enjoy spraying without pumping a handle and would appreciate a unit with solid power, the My 4 Sons M4 would be an ideal option and we can recommend it to you. Also the optional addons can make it fairly versatile and easily usable on a ladder.

However, if you don’t plan to use it only a few times per year, a cheaper manual backpack sprayer can be a better option.

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detail of the shoulder straps      charging in progress


  • Brand: My 4 Sons
  • Pump: battery powered
  • PSI: 60
  • Capacity: 4 gal
  • Both right/left handed use: –
  • Weight: 12 lbs

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Frequently asked questions:

Does it mix the liquid in the tank?

No – if you need a model equipped with an agitator, we would recommend you the Field King Professional.

Is a charger included?


Does the charger work with both 220 and 110v?

Yes, according to the seller: “The M4 solid state battery charger/optimizer works with 110 volts as well as 220 volts.” But keep in mind it does not work with 240v.

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