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The Force 1800 is a compact pressure washer – lightweight, easy to handle but also strong enough for occasional residential use. Plus users report a great customer service from the Powerhouse Intl.

  • Very compact, lightweight, easy to use
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  • Excellent customer service
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a boy pulling The Force 1800 washerWhat’s unusual about this power washer is that it isn’t produced by any large company but a small family owned firm – and while they cannot show off many years of experience like their competitors yet, they bet on extraordinary customer service instead. People report fast answering of emails, promptly sending a missing part or replacing a defective unit quickly and without any problems – they even go through the reviews and Amazon and contact customers that experience some problems with their new unit. Well done!

Handling and build quality

If you take a look at the picture nearby, you immediately notice how small The Force 1800 is – and while its power (1,800 PSI) is typical for medium-duty electric washers, it’s much more compact and lighter. And this "vacuum cleaner" design has many advantages – there are no problems with tipping over (common issue of washers with upright design), it’s easy to pick up and carry around and you can even drag it behind you (see the video above). And storage is also simple, all the nozzles and soap bottle have their place on the body of the machine, only there is no dedicated area for the cord or pressure hose.

The main body of the unit feels sturdy and solid, hose isn’t stiff (it could be a bit longer but you can always drag the machine a few feet) and there are no leakage problems – all the connectors are metal. Only the wand could be a little longer, you have to bend over if you need to spray some stubborn piece of dirt at close range.

And the assembly is also quick and simple (watch the second video).

Using the soap bottle

Power and areas of use

This little machine has plenty of power for those occasional small or medium difficulty cleaning jobs around your home – washing cars, windows, garden equipment and furniture, garage floor, siding, wooden deck or fence, bricks, concrete sidewalks, pool and so on. Just don’t expect the power of gas units, it’s not suitable for very tough dirt or large areas – it just takes a lot of time to clean those.

The selection of included nozzles and attachments is also interesting. There are 3 different nozzles (very easy to change) – an adjustable one (from pencil spray to wide fan), right angle tip (for cleaning hard-to-reach places like undersides of cars or gutters) and a rotating turbo nozzle. Plus you get two attachments – a brush for car washing and a soap container for using a cleaning solution of your choice – it works well and features even a knob for regulating the amount of detergent being used.

And last but not the least, the Total Stop System (shuts motor off when you release the trigger, prolonging its life) is also used.

Conclusion:  If you want a high quality pressure washer for occasional cleaning jobs around your home, look no further. The Force 1800 from Powerhouse International is very easy to use, lightweight, has enough power and isn’t too expensive – plus you can rely on their customer service if a problem appears. We highly recommend it.

However, it doesn’t have enough power for harder jobs or large areas – so if that’s what you’re interested in, we would recommend you a gas machine instead (or if you want to stay with electric units, AR390SS or SPX3000 are good options).

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start buton and garden hose connector      soap bottle, brush and other parts


  • Brand: Powerhouse International
  • Type: Electric, Medium Duty
  • Cord length: 35 ft
  • Pressure hose length: 20 ft
  • PSI: 1,800
  • GPM: 1.6
  • Weight: 17 lbs
  • Amp: not mentioned
  • Spray tip: rotating turbo nozzle, adjustable nozzle, right angle nozzle
  • Warranty: 1-Year

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Frequently asked questions:

Is it able to reach second story when standing on the ground?

You’ll be able to squirt the water up there, but with that distance the pressure gets really low – so for cleaning a dirty second story siding we would rather recommend you a more powerful unit.


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