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product image of AR Blue Clean AR390SS Cold Water Electric Pressure Washer 2000 PSI

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The AR Blue Clean AR390 is a high quality electric pressure washer – easy to use, doesn’t leak and offers plenty of power for most of the cleaning tasks around your house. Also the ability to control how much cleaning fluid to release is a nice bonus.

  • Solid power
  • Overall quality
  • Detergent concentration dial
  • hose is a little stiff, unit can tip over
Key specifications:
AR Blue Clean S-Line Pressure Washers In Action

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Handling and build quality

a man cleaning a patio using the AR390SSWith 2000 PSI the AR390SS is the most powerful model from the AR’s new S-Line collection of electric pressure washers (main upgrades include onboard detergent tank or aluminium swivel garden hose adapter). It’s easy to put together, the assembly doesn’t take more than 10 minutes.

On the other hand, it’s also the heaviest one from that line – but still easy to move around thanks to the wheels. The overall construction is sturdy and well-built, all the quick-connects work as expected and don’t leak.

At the specifications above, you can see it features a really long hose and power cord which comes really handy if the nearest outlet is a few more feet away. However, here also comes probably the only disadvantage of this machine – the pressure hose is a little stiff, keeps coiling up and keeping it in a straight line is not easy. Also the reel is on the top so the unit can tip over easily when you are pulling the hose around – so be careful.

Power and areas of use

As we have already mentioned, it’s the strongest AR Blue S-line model and the 2000 PSI gives it plenty of power for most residential tasks. Users report excellent results when cleaning cars, bicycles, garage floor, siding, grill, brick patios, driveways, sidewalks, gutters, pool and others – layers of moss and lichen, dirt, grease, caked mud, grime, mold or oil stains (with the help of soap), everything gone. Only for the toughest jobs, cleaning second story siding from the ground or large driveways you would do better with a more powerful gas unit.

On/off switch and regulator of detergent amount

It’s not extra loud and when the trigger is released, it makes no sound at all – thanks to the Total Stop System which helps to prolong the pump’s life by engaging it only when you pull the trigger.

To select the right spray pressure and size for a particular task, there are four nozzles to choose from – 0 degree pencil stream, 25 degree fan, low pressure tip for applying soap and a rotating turbo nozzle. They are very easy to change and work great.

And last but not least, the soap dispenser – there is a tank on the back of the tool and you can also adjust how much soap is released using the lower knob on the front (see the photo).

Conclusion:  If you want a quality pressure washer to clean your car, deck, fence, walkways or manage other residential cleaning jobs, the AR390 from AR Blue would be a great candidate. The 2,000 PSI provide a lot of power, it’s easy to use and doesn’t leak. We highly recommend it.

However, it still lacks some power for the really tough jobs or large areas (driveways, large decks) – so if that’s what you need to clean, gas machines are the way to go.

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  • PSI: 2,000
  • GPM: 1.4
  • Weight: 33.6 lbs
  • Amp: 14 Amp
  • Spray tip: 4 quick-connect nozzles
  • Warranty: Full 1-Year
  • Documentation: Manual

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