Best Electric Log Splitters for 2019 Reviewed

ComparisonElectric log splitters are the most popular type when it comes to classical homeowner needs. They require an electric outlet nearby but also offer a good power and reasonable price.

So here are the models we reviewed – with ratings and prices:

Boss Industrial ES7T20

Boss Industrial ES7T20

Our rating: 4.5 stars Very good  

Customer rating: 324 reviews

Price: $370.56

Our most recommended: The most popular electric wood splitter currently on the market – compact, with one-handed operation and good power.

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WEN 56206 Lumberjack

WEN 56206 Lumberjack

Our rating: 4 stars Good  

Customer rating: 337 reviews


Cheaper: Slightly less power for a lower price. Compact, easy to move and store but unfortunately with a two-handed operation.

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Powerhouse XM-380

Powerhouse XM-380

Our rating: 3.5 stars Fair  

Customer rating: 239 reviews

Price: $558.09

Fairly powerful and easy to use. On the other hand it also comes with some disadvantages and quality issues so we would rather recommend you some different model.

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As we have already mentioned, electric splitters are the most popular among homeowners who need to split wood only occasionally. They are not as expensive as gas machines but still provide enough power to deal even with fairly large logs.

And the necessity to use an extension cord doesn’t hurt that much in this case – they are simply not meant to be taken into the woods to tackle felled trees.

Also they are quieter, require less maintenance and you can use them even indoors as there are no exhaust fumes. That can be useful particularly in bad weather – you just move from driveway or patio into the garage.


Model Price Our rating   Splitting force For Operation Weight Max log length Cycle time (approx.)
Boss Industrial ES7T20 $370.56 4.5 stars 7 tons one-handed 106 lbs 20.5″ 10-18 seconds
WEN 56206 Lumberjack 4.0 stars 6 tons two-handed 100 lbs 20.5″ 14-25 seconds
Powerhouse XM-380 $558.09 3.5 stars 7 tons one or two-handed 104 lbs 20.5″ 11-18 seconds


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