Solo 418 One-hand Sprayer Review

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The Solo 418 is an advanced hand sprayer – very easy to pump and use, sturdy, versatile and with several useful functions. For example you can spray continuously thanks to the lock-on, tilt the nozzle or adjust the spray pattern.

  • Easy to use, effective, versatile
  • Lock-on feature
  • Tilting and adjustable nozzle
  • no significant
Key specifications:
  • Pump: handheld
  • Capacity: 1 liter (34 oz.)
  • Both right/left handed use: –
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Solo hand sprayer

Advanced Bottle Sprayer

spraying with the Solo 418We can view the Solo 418 as an advanced bottle sprayer. It offers many useful features (we’ll talk about them in a moment), but it’s still easy and comfortable to use in a variety of tasks, both indoors and outdoors. Flower spraying, watering seedlings, weed control, car, bike or window cleaning, applying solutions or even showering your pet birds, this unit can handle it all.

The 1-liter bottle is easy to clean and just the perfect size – the liquid lasts for a while but it’s still light enough not to cause any wrist pain after a longer usage. Plus the body is made of a thick plastic so it will survive some falls on the ground.

Effective Pump

You build up pressure using the small pump on the top (see the video above). And the entire mechanism works great – the pumping is smooth, you get a solid pressure quickly and also a good amount of spray before having to pressurize again. Only a few users complained it’s a bit tough to release the pressure when opening it.

Good news is there are no metal parts in the system so you don’t have to worry about rust. And Viton gasket and O-rings enable you to use even harsh chemicals.

Useful Features

Now let’s talk about the advanced features. Users particularly love the lock-on function, you can see it mentioned in almost every review. Whenever you need to cover some area, you just engage it and spray continuously – no more squeezing, releasing, squeezing and releasing the trigger until your hand hurts.

Next we have the nozzle – you can adjust the spray pattern (by turning the tip of the nozzle) from a nice fine mist to a jet stream and easily select the right one for the current task.

But there’s more, you can even tilt the nozzle upward to reach under the leaves for example. It may not seem that useful, but it really makes the spraying much faster and effective – otherwise you would have to turn the bottle upside down and risk catching air into the tube.

Last but not the least you can see a drip guard on the tip which would help whenever you need a precise application on just one spot. But you can also leave it off if you find the sprayer easier to operate without it.

Conclusion:  If you need a quality bottle sprayer with some additional features like the lock-on or tilting nozzle, the Solo 418 would be the right one for you. Versatile, very easy to pump and use – we can definitely recommend it.

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trigger with lock-on      drip guard on the nozzle


  • Brand: Solo
  • Pump: handheld
  • PSI: N/A
  • Capacity: 1 liter (34 oz.)
  • Both right/left handed use: –
  • Weight: N/A

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Frequently asked questions:

How strong is the spray?

Don’t expect a pressure that can clean dirt off things (like a hose or pressure washer), it’s designed rather for watering or spreading chemicals (according to the seller the maximum pressure is approximately 20 PSI). And if you adjust the nozzle from a stream to mist, you get a really gentle spray.

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