Best Hand Sprayers and Spray Bottles for 2017 Reviewed

ComparisonSpray bottles and hand sprayers are a perfect alternative whenever a larger handheld or backpack unit would be too cumbersome. You can use them both outdoors and indoors and for a wide variety of tasks.

Here we present you our most recommended models with ratings, prices and reviews:

Solo 418

Solo 418

Our rating: 4.5 stars Very good  

Customer rating: 1000+ reviews

Price: Check here:

Best hand sprayer: An advanced unit that is sturdy, very easy to pump and use and offers several useful functions like the lock-on or tilting nozzle.

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DilaBee Spray Bottles

DilaBee Spray Bottles

Our rating: 5 stars Excellent  

Customer rating: 350 reviews

Price: $13.73

Best spray bottles: Top rated model on Amazon – they are sturdy and durable, don’t leak and work well. Also you get several useful accessories as a bonus.

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Comparison with other models:

Model Price Our rating   For Capacity Weight
Solo 418 Check here: 4.5 stars 1 liter (34 oz.) N/A
Chapin 1002 $13.76 4.5 stars 48 oz. 8 oz.
DilaBee Spray Bottles $13.73 5 stars 16 oz. N/A
Houseables Spray Bottles $9.72 4.5 stars 24 oz. N/A


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