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The Logosol Smart-Splitter is an interesting manual log splitter, safe and very easy to use. It excels with any small or medium pieces but requires too much force to deal with larger logs.

  • Great for small-medium logs or kindling
  • Safe, easy to use
  • Compact, easy to transport
  • Requires a large log for the base
  • White washer does not last long
Key specifications:
Logosol Smart Splitter

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Interesting Concept, Works Well

a woman showing how to use the Smart-SplitterFrom the first look, the Logosol Smart-Splitter may look a bit awkward and many people would even wonder how does it work. So let’s walk you through the process how to set it up and use effectively.

The setup is easy, you just need a large log for the base and drill a hole into it (drill bit of the right size is included – a nice bonus). Just make sure you get the right log size for your height.

The actual splitting is done by raising the weight upward and then thrusting it down – and it works great, most of the reviewers on Amazon love it. First, it’s much safer than swinging an axe or a splitting maul, just make sure you wear pants and boots as the split pieces may fall on your toes.

And it’s also a lot handier and easier to use than a wedge and sledge – it holds the log in place and there are no problems with the blow deflecting from the wood. Raising the weight isn’t difficult at all (see the videos above) so this tool would be also perfect for women or seniors.

Not For Larger Logs

But please bear in mind the Smart-Splitter has its limitations – it excels with smaller and medium sized logs (let’s say up to 8-9" in diameter) and when making kindling. And after you get the hang of it, splitting wood would become not just safer and easier than with an axe but also similarly fast or even faster – see the second video above.

However, the larger the log, the more thrusts it would take and the more you’ll have to work – according to users the maximum size is about 14-16" in diameter and you’ll get a pretty good workout then. And knots can be a problem as well, the blade gets stuck sometimes and you may have a hard time getting it out.

Manipulation and Storage

Thanks to its compact size, the Smart-Splitter can be stored pretty easily, it also packs small and you can take it anywhere with you. The only problem is that it would require a new setup every time unless you bring the base log with you. Also, if you live in an urban area, it may be difficult to get a suitable log even to begin with.

And when we are talking about disadvantages, many users reported the white plastic washer began tearing fairly soon as it receives the full force of the blow. So you can either replace it from time to time or probably take it away, according to one reviewer its only function is noise dampening and the tool works fine without it.

Conclusion:  If you are searching for a splitting tool for small or medium logs or for making kindling, the Logosol Smart-Splitter is what you need. Safe, very easy and even fun to use and doesn’t require much labor. We can definitely recommend it.

However, if you would rather tackle larger pieces, the better option would be the Sun Joe LJ10M – it’s too slow for smaller pieces or kindling but can manage large logs a lot better. And the price is similar.

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detail of the cutting wedge      detail of the kindling feature


  • Brand: Logosol
  • Type: Manual
  • Weight: 19.84 lbs
  • Splitting force: –
  • Max log diameter: 8-9″ easily, 14-16″ maximum
  • Max log length: –
  • Cycle time (approx.): depends on user
  • Operation: manual
  • Warranty: unknown

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Frequently asked questions:

Where can I get a new white plastic washer?

You can find some suggestions here.

How large logs can in split?

Length is not the major concern, even 22" long pieces are not a problem. Concerning width, it work best with pieces up to 8-9" in diameter, but you can split even 14-16" if you put some labor into it.

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