Remington RM2510 Rustler Review

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The Remington RM2510 is a popular cheap gas weed eater for residential needs and smaller to medium jobs. But the quality isn’t perfect of course, several issues have been reported by the users.

  • Cheap
  • Solid power
  • Lower quality
  • Not for taller people
Key specifications:
Remington "Quick Start" Rustler RM2510

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Gas powered

trimming grass on your garden using the Remington RM2510The Remington Rustler shares all the advantages of gas weed whackers – solid power, complete freedom of movement, no messing with the cord (and winding it up after trimming) or switching outlets. Also you are not limited by battery life.

On the other hand, it requires mixing the gas-oil fuel and a little maintenance. Also, the quality is not perfect, you just get what you pay for. Many reviewers complained the machine started falling apart or won’t run again after several uses.

The assembly is easy – you just reposition the handle and install the guard, both are attached with wing nuts so no tools are required and it’s done in 5 minutes.

Power and line feeding

It’s not a heavy-duty gas machine, but the power is good enough for classical residential needs and small to medium jobs. The strings rip through thick grass or vines fairly easily but several customers complained the weeds often get entangled around the drive shaft and it would not spin unless you clean it.

Considering starting, we get mixed opinions – some users report it is easy to start, some say it’s quite hard and bothersome.

The trimmer uses bump feed to advance the line and it works quite well.

Curved shaft

This Remington string trimmer uses a curved shaft design – there isn’t much difference in performance (when compared to the straight shaft), but many users find it to be more comfortable to use and also easier to control. Also it can be easier to operate in closer spaces, for example near fences or walls.

On the other hand, the shaft is shorter so it’s not so suitable for taller people (6ft or more) as they’ll have to bend over to use it. There is also less space between you and the debris flying from the strings – and users report the guard doesn’t help much so wearing eye protection is a necessity. And lastly, it’s more difficult to use the curved shaft for edging.

Conclusion:  If you need a cheap gas trimmer for your small or medium-size yard, the Remington RM2510 will be a good choice – it’s comfortable to use and has enough power.

On the other hand, if the low price isn’t your main concern, we would rather recommend you some higher quality tool – for example the Husqvarna 128LD.

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  • Brand: Remington
  • Type: Gas powered
  • Edger: no
  • Tilting head: no
  • Cycles: 2 stroke
  • Cubature: 25cc
  • Weight: 13.6 lbs
  • Cutting swath: 16″
  • Line: 0.095 dual line
  • Feeding: bump feed
  • Warranty: 2-year limited
  • Includes: 1 spool, small bottle of oil

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Frequently asked questions:

What kind of fuel is required?

The machine is 2-cycle so a mix of gas and oil (40:1 this time) is required. We recommend using a non-ethanol blended, high octane gas and for example this oil (which also enables easy measuring of the ratio).

Or you can always buy a pre-mixed fuel if you don’t want to do it yourself.

Are there any accessories I should buy?

We recommend getting a spare string and also some oil, for example this one which makes measuring the right oil-gas ratio really easy (or you get can a pre-mixed fuel of course)..

How to change the line?
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Is there any maintenance needed?

Gas powered string trimmers require some additional upkeep like cleaning the air filter or adding stabilizer to the fuel for winter storage – please read our guide or refer to the user manual for more info.


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